Friday, January 29, 2010

chopcult has been very, very good to me...
last month they did a nice piece on my WCC knuckle:

and now they took some pic's of my 65' panhead before the accident:

keep up the good work guyz !

Monday, January 25, 2010

bands i used to be in... CANDY

i was 19 years old when i answered an ad in the recycler that said "guitarist wanted" influences: bowie & trex. candy was exactly the band i was looking for when i quit school to become a rock star. as soon as i joined up, we played the whiskey, roxy, troubadour & madame wongs. la weekly said "candy is a cross between the ramones & the bay city rollers". we all lived together in an apartment in west hollywood called candyland. those were great times. girls, gigs & wild month, we first signed with mca, but they didn't understand us, so mercury bought us out. we made 1 record for mercury in 85' & toured with rick springfield & corey heart. our record didn't sell very much, even though we were on some new channel called mtv. at that time hard rock sunset strip bands were starting to take over, but our record was more on the pop side. i always thought we should be more rock, so we made some changes & i became the singer & we added ryan on guitar, but it was pretty clear we had our shot & came up short.

i'm still close with the candy guys after all these years & i have some wonderful memories. so thanks, jonathan, john s (the hawk), kyle & ryan...
turn it up loud !

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

injury update...

my 1st surgery went well
& i'm home from the hospital.
if everything looks good friday,
i can have the 2nd surgery next week.
thanks again for all the kind thoughts
& prayers, they're working...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


yes, some asshole in his pick up truck pulled a left as i was going through an intersection on my bike. JD & I were riding back from Pomona Easyriders show when it happened. not only did this dumb ass driver pull in front of moving traffic, but he split the scene after he hit me. he doesn't know if i'm dead or what... i have 3 broken bones in my left foot & 1 broken bone in my right foot. my new joe king helmut saved my skull, but i won't be walking for awhile. there were some really wonderful people @ the scene that helped out quite a bit & i've heard from everyone i know, sending best wishes & speedy recovery. so to you, we will rock n' roll again !