Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday, January 15, 2012

duane ballard seat

i tend to commission art from time to time & most of the time it's for my motorcycles, not always, but i do try to support artists wherever their talent lie. i do believe that the word artist has lost it's meaning the last few decades & the word is thrown around very loosely by the media with the lack of understanding. i know what the dictionary says & i tend to agree with it for the most part. to me, it's someone who creates something original. simple, yes... key words "create" & "original" . is an actor an artist ? by my definition, no. is a musician an artist ? if they created something with their talent, yes. is a great performance art ? if they created the piece in which they performed, yes.
what do you think ?
ok, i know sometimes i go off...
but these last few weeks have been trying & i got a lot on my mind.

here's a seat Duane Ballard made me a few months back.
it's one of my tattoos & it kick's ass.
he's an artist & great talent.
check his shit out: