Sunday, February 28, 2010


i saw this crocker @ the rock store last year. you don't see many of these @ shows, let alone someone riding one. i love when guys ride their bikes, no matter how rare. jeff decker has a crocker bobber, that is probably my favorite bike of all time.


  1. actually I´ve never heard about those type. looks great, perfect restauration...the rock store is always a great place for such blast of bikes. hope you doing fine! cheerz from germany

  2. What is the history of "Johanna's Chopper " gilby ?

  3. Gilby, thanks the love. I'm happy you enjoy my Crocker custom, next time I see you, talk it for a spin! JD

  4. gilby: i'm from argentina, i'm so sad for you, i saw you in 2004 in buenos aires. I hope you get well and see you playing in my country again.

    i love you, you're my idol...get better!

    love you, love you, love you, for ever and ever... =) Florencia