Thursday, May 27, 2010

back on my feet & rehearsing...

myself, muddy & chad tightening up the tunes
for the shows coming up.
that's my rehearsal rig & chopper
trying to figure out my delay pedal


  1. glad to see you`re back on track
    keep on keeping on
    L&R MBL

  2. Awesome man!! Look forward to seeing you tonight!

  3. gilby, great to hear that everything works well. would be great to see you on the road again. rock on. cheerz from germany rené

  4. We saw you, Chad and Muddy here in Fresno last night, great show. Too bad it was cut short because the other bands ran late, but that is ok. We were happy you made it made to Fresno for the 1st time since 1994 (Bisla's in North Fresno, now a furniture store). Take it easy and enjoy the rest of your tour!

  5. Nice to see you up on two feet again Gilby! I plan on escaping the insane heat here in the IE to go to Born Free. Hope to see you there.