Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Slab City Riot

myself, Riki, Allen, Kevin & Dean left for Temecula friday afternoon. we went to the pre party, but it was over by the time we got there, so we hit a bar & had some margarita's. we met up with Caleb, Paul & Stu saturday morning for the ride to Slab City. we thought we'd catch up with the wuss ride, but Riki had some malfuntions with his pack job. so we took the 79 south through Barrago Springs & rode through the desert to Niland. the weather was perfect & the scenery was awesome. we got to the Slab City Riot around 5pm. we set up camp over by Dan & his wife Tiffany. I guess we didn't realize it at the time, but we set up in some sexy lady's front yard by the name of Honey Pot. she was quite special & couldn't resist showing us her "honey pot" all nite & the next morning. Stu got her # & promised her more than he can deliver, but that's what being a bad ass biker is all about. our horse Kevin won the Coctagon & a cool $500 for his welts & scrapes. that's a pic of Mcgoo passing out the weapons for the main event. once again another great time on my knuckle & can't wait for the EDR next year.

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  1. Hi Gilby

    Thanks for sharing the pics. High res wouldn't be bad though ;0)
    Sounds like you all had a good time...
    And congrats on the rebuild of your 65 Pan.
    Ride safe.