Sunday, February 20, 2011

harley blackline

i know the new dark custom
harley campaign is silly.
but, i really like this bike...
i always have a newer bike in my stall
for many reasons.
& maybe it's time to trade up the fatboy.
i didn't even like the fatboy when i bought it,
i customized into something i would ride.
but, this is a cool bike right out the gate.
it has the blacked out wheels (21 &16) my faves.
i love the burnt orange & black color.
the blk barrels & silver heads
remind me of my pan.
& the satin blk frame is perfect.
i would put a springer on it, a better seat, pipes
& probably change the handle bars.


  1. Nice looking stock bike. Love the minimal use of chrome in the design and the matte black.

  2. Grab it. If you like it that's all that matters. I just picked up a 1985 V65 Sabre for long rides. I love it goofy digital clock and all.

  3. You want killer custom? Check out an old buddy of mine Eddie Meeks! I can hook you up with his contact info or you can google him as follows:

    Eddie Meeks
    Hardley Civilized
    Greensboro, NC

  4. Forgot to add that he does killer custom guitars, bikes and much more! He has done work for Kirk Hammett and has been in over dozens of Rider mags! :0