Monday, April 4, 2011

Cycle Source

i can't tell ya how many times people have
approached me & promised a feature with my bikes.
i get so happy, that i clean the bike & fix broken stuff.
then most of the time, it's just talk...
don't get me wrong, i love talkin' shit about my pan, knuckle, etc...
but i'd love to have some bad ass pics to show off also.
i subscribe to most of the vintage bike rags out today,
so it's not like i don't support the scene.
now Lisa Ballard stuck to her word & followed up !
she came over with hubby Duane & Sean Peterson to do the pics.
the feature is killer & my pan looks like a rock star.
thanks guyz

look for the blue knuckle coming soon...


  1. Damn! That WAS fast! Lisa kicked ass. Congrats man!

  2. dig the pan glad to see it back up as well as you

  3. That is the best cover I have seen yet! Awesome man! (I want a signed copy) Now give me a ride!

  4. nice, but been waiting on YOU since before the accident to get your blue knuckle ready (your words) for me to shoot for Street Chopper. oh well, at least it's out there. Looks good Gilby.

  5. They always have the coolest looking cover! Looks good man!

  6. Thanks for having us out. I'm glad you like it. Lisa was very happy to be able to do it. Hopefully see you this weekend at Hippy Killer.