Sunday, January 15, 2012

duane ballard seat

i tend to commission art from time to time & most of the time it's for my motorcycles, not always, but i do try to support artists wherever their talent lie. i do believe that the word artist has lost it's meaning the last few decades & the word is thrown around very loosely by the media with the lack of understanding. i know what the dictionary says & i tend to agree with it for the most part. to me, it's someone who creates something original. simple, yes... key words "create" & "original" . is an actor an artist ? by my definition, no. is a musician an artist ? if they created something with their talent, yes. is a great performance art ? if they created the piece in which they performed, yes.
what do you think ?
ok, i know sometimes i go off...
but these last few weeks have been trying & i got a lot on my mind.

here's a seat Duane Ballard made me a few months back.
it's one of my tattoos & it kick's ass.
he's an artist & great talent.
check his shit out:


  1. Thanks for having me make it for you Gilby. The bike looks killer. Stay safe! The idiots in cars have had it out for you the past couple years.

  2. (Nobody gives a damn but) : This is very much to my taste !!! Congratulations Mister Ballard.
    Great to see you bring the frenchies some good old fashion rock n' roll. See you soon in good ol' France Gilby.

  3. Dang Righteous, Duane! Black tooling on black background isn't the easiest to make stand out....Ballard gets it right everytime!!

    Good job mayne!

  4. Isn't it really awesome to have a possession that has a personal touch of yourself? I so like your seat, really fantastic!

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  5. hi,
    Cool Bike and great job !!!
    EE, from RFT
    Bikes, Babes, Tattoos and Rock'n'Roll ... Enjoy !