Tuesday, December 22, 2009

exile no more...

i sold this to pay for the wcc knuckle & i do miss it...
it started up every time & it was fast.
the first time i saw an exile,
i said to myself "now he gets it".
no bullshit, just pure chopper.
i had some good times on this bike.
at least it went to a good home in texas.


  1. right on gilby, the knuckles are a blast. compare the both bikes and you will "feel" and see the difference. I really like the exile style but I would prefer the cro custom style... I met russel the same day we met and I had the chance to talk for a while. and I have a great pic with your exile bike ;)
    wish you and your family merry christmas. calm down a bit, enjoy a ride...and maybe there is a chance for a reunion in laughlin 2010...I will go for sure coz EDR won´t work.
    all the best, be save

  2. MERRY ROCKING CHRISTMAS GILBY! As you said to me when we met "...always keep the rubber down!"
    cheerz from good old germany

  3. Get better Gilby let us know your ok.

  4. hey gilby, I´m sorry about the accident. get well soon. stay strong! and kick ass!!! greetings from the german support, rené

  5. hey gilby,sorry to hear about the accident,i hope all will be well very soon,i sent my singer Victoria Bee Bee from london to the rock camp this last week,if you c Earl,give him my regards Buddy,she is doing dood,ok,c,ya,jp.