Friday, December 11, 2009

more panhead build

here's some more panhead updates


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  2. hey Gilby! thats an amzing Bike! i really like it! how long have you been doing this? have you ever been to Orange Country Choppers? man youre AWASOME! i thank you for changing my life with Guns n Roses! i liked your songs! especially Tijuana jail! i really liked Dead Flowers! youre an GREAT singer! if i may ask..where did you get those Guns n Roses guitars? i want to get your tune but i can't find them anywhere!! that Red Sparkle Les Paul..that Red Sparkle Telecaster with binding and that Les Paul Suburst that is kind of beat up and looks like flames (all from The UYI Concert in Tokyo)and that Silver Les Paul from the Estranged video! they're GREAT! are they custom made just for you? anyway i'm from Brazil and we miss you playing here man! wish you all the best!


  3. glad you dig the bike, wait til' you see it done. i still have those guitars. the burnt one is a gibson les paul classic & the red les paul, slash gave me. the silver guitar is called a zemaitis & it was made in england by tony zemaitis.

  4. Hi Gilby!
    You made that bike?! Wow! it´s amazing!
    Congrats of course!

    I admired you, because I see you have passion in everything you do...and without passion, I guess we´re nothing and life it would be so easy and simple...

    wish you the best for you and your lovely family!

    Hope to see you someday in Buenos Aires!


  5. ya gilby, do you still own the exile bike you were riding in 2007 when we met??
    it was a pure bike too! but I like the 1941 knuckle...especially the pipe. the police here in germany would go crazy ! be save. rené

  6. OH MY GOD you replied!!! i can't belive it!!! i'm honored man!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! by the way i think you didn't receive but i did send on twitter fast recover wishes from your injury man! what an ashole driver!! get better fast to kik his ass hahahaha but anyaway..hows it going? how long untill you get 100%? don't get desperate won't help..stay calm and you will recover faster! i got desperate when i blew up my ear and it got even worse!

    Thanks VERY MUCH again for replying Gilby!! you can't imagine how honored i am! hope to hear more from you soon man! wish you all the best!! i'll wait for you playing here in Brazil in few months ok?

    cheers man!!